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To all perspective students: look at our Google reviews.
Orlando bartending school reviews
Then, look at the other two schools' reviews who work out of bars and not a school environment. See how poor their reviews are how many they have in comparison to ABC. Then, ask yourself this question: Why?! Simple: we are the oldest school in Orlando and no school has trained or placed more students than ABC. Period.

Being the top school in Orlando, we will match all local competitor prices and sales gimmicks.

Consumer Beware

8 AM - 10 PM 7 Days a Week

ABC's Orlando Bartending School is located 1 mile East of I-4 on the corner of 17-92 (Mills Avenue) and 50 (Colonial) at 653 North Mills Avenue. Tony Sylvester has owned bartending schools and has been placing bartenders nationwide since 1977.

Bartenders are known for their ability to make a good living, have fun and meet people. Look at the great cities listed on the map page and in the school locator where Tony has opened schools. Now you can see why Tony Sylvester is one of the leaders in this field.

The Sylvester family has been in the Hospitality industry for three generations. Tony brings you all that experience in his school's curriculum and manual.

Look at the great cities listed at the bottom of the page where Tony has opened schools. As you can see, all these cities are hospitality oriented which means lots of Restaurants, Hotels, Country Clubs, Night Clubs and Bars. Now what does that mean for ABC graduates? Opportunity!

Look around at the number of liquor serving establishments in your city and the number of Bartenders, both Full and Part Time, that it takes to staff these operations. Get the picture?

Thousands of students are trained and placed every year nationwide by ABC in our professional one week, two week and three week programs that cover all the techniques used to become a professional bartender.

Remember, to get started just call us at (407) 894-6719.

Thank you for visiting our web site.

No other school in Orlando or Florida can document this type of recognition and reputation No other school in Orlando or Florida can document this type of recognition and reputation
Our school office walls are lined with newspaper articles and letters of recommendation written about the owner and his schools in Florida and Nationwide. No other school in Orlando or Florida can document this type of recognition and reputation.
Bartending Graduates Bartending Graduates
Bartending Graduates

Work in a real wet bar set up to learn bartending the correct way. Compare our school classroom and be amazed!

Here are some of the major TV Network news stations that have reported on the ABC Bartending Schools Nationwide

Watch NBC Channel 8 about ABC Bartending School. Full size version: Click Here - 4:12

Bartending classes packed with unlikely Students
06/18/09 The recession has a local bartending school doing a brisk business, with students who hope mixing drinks w...  ABC News Local 10 - 2:03

Take a look at our recent local TV visit, and article by The Dallas Morning News at our Dallas school location. Shaken economy stirs up interest in bartender classes: The Dallas Morning News - 2:00

Look at what NBC News Around Town has to say about ABC Bartending in Fort Worth, Texas: NBC News Around Town - 01:14

Look at what ABC News has to say about ABC Bartending in Phoenix Arizona:
ABC News Local Phoenix - 01:45

Here are some of our ABC Bartending videos you might be interested in:

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What should someone do after they graduate from the ABC Bartending School? - 02:03

Click here for ABC Video Testimonials - 01:00

Also, check out our great Testimonials, Recommendations, and Press Articles that ABC Bartending has had written about them:

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Convenient Class Schedules

2 Weeks Morning Mon. - Fri. 9 AM - 1 PM
2 Weeks Afternoon Mon. - Fri. 1 PM - 5 PM
1 Week Mon. - Fri. 9 AM - 5 PM
2 1/2 Weeks Mon. - Fri. 6:30 PM - 10 PM
4 Saturdays 10 AM - 5 PM
   *Adjusted Schedules are available.

12-Hour Bartending Class
2 Consecutive Saturdays or Sundays
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


  • Set up / Changing Shifts / Closing Out
  • Customer Service
  • Basic Bar Equipment
  • Bar Terms
  • What Glass for What Drink
  • Free Pouring / Mixing Techniques
  • Mixing Cocktails - Simple and Fancy (from Shooters to Irish Coffee)
  • Liquor Encyclopedia
  • Beers / Wines / Champagnes
  • Cash Registers / Money Handling / Charge Procedures
  • Tipping
  • Catering Private Parties
  • Job Interview Techniques

Health and Safety / Legal Responsibilities (certification)

Students will learn the legal responsibilities, health and safety concerns of the workplace. Certification is also available.

Cash Register Procedures and Cash Handling

In this part of the bartending course students will learn to correctly operate a cash register and credit card authorization machine. They will also learn the correct methods of managing cash.

Resumes and Interviewing Techniques

You will learn successful interviewing for a bartending position. Students are trained on how to fill out an application, resume preparation, and how to dress and respond to interview questions.

Job Placement Assistance, Too!

Tony Sylvester has been placing bartenders nationally since 1977 and brings to his schools the art of matching the right face for the right place. Take a look at the Placement List for your area and the nationwide chains that have hired our students.

Examples of Job Placements in Orlando

  • Club Screamers, Orlando - P. Claudin
  • Pastamore, Citywalk - C. Simmons
  • The Stock Exchange, Daytona - B. Lakin
  • Red Square, Orlando - S. Belli
  • Hypnotic Night Club, Orlando - M. Benjamin
  • Cosmopolitan Night Club, Cocoa - S. Williams
  • Latin Quarters, Citywalk - A. Santoni
  • Club Savoy, Orlando - E. Phillips
  • Club Mileo, Winter Park - Z. Guitierrez
  • Scruffy Murphys, Orlando - S. Crowley
  • Bennigans, Orlando - G. Looney
  • Murdocks, Cocoa - A. Cimino
  • Rhythm and Brews, Sanford - E. Brauhn
  • Divots, Altamonte Springs - C. Ferrill
  • Pices Rising, Mt. Dora - J. Hauck
  • LaQuinta, Kissimmee - L. Bonnet
  • Shades of Green, Disney - R. Silver
  • Russells, Orlando - A. Williams
  • Tropical Night Club, Orlando - A. Hernandez
  • Bills Elbow South, Oviedo - C. Hinds
  • Antigua Night Club, Orlando - E. Isolica
  • Metropolis Night Club, Orlando - K. Taylor
  • Bar Orlando, Orlando - J. Wyatt
  • Bennigan's, Kissimmee - Kerri Murphy
  • Gaylord Palms, Kissimmee - H. McCutheon
  • Copa Night Club, Orlando - Ceaser Rocha
  • Eight Seconds, Orlando - David Tessitore
  • Firestones, Orlando - Michael Griffin
  • Fuego Fuego, Altamonte Springs - E. Soto
  • Houstons, Winter Park - Kevin Darbelnet
  • Hue, Orlando - J. Creighan
  • Inlet Harbor, Daytona Beach - Matt Davis
  • Jelly Rolls, Disney - A. Childs
  • Jungle Jims, Lake Buena Vista - J. Nye
  • Lua Loa, Orlando - B. Lewis
  • Mannequin, Lake Buena Vista - David Clifton
  • NASCAR Cafe, City Walk - T. Luster
  • Paladium Night Club, Orlando - V. Giano
  • Peter Scott's Restaurant, Longwood - Andrew Kittsley
  • Planet Hollywood @ Pleasure Island, Lake Buena Vista - Mike Harm
  • Race Rock, Orlando - Joe Luczaj
  • Roxys, Orlando - A. Konczus
  • Ruth Chris, Orlando - T. Munter
  • Samba Room, Orlando - R. Snyder
  • Sloppy Joes, Daytona Beach - Ludmila Sujanova
  • Sloppy Joes, Ocala - Tracy Farmer
  • Southern Nights, Orlando - R. Logston
  • Sun Cruz Casino, Port Canaveral - A. Cicchese
  • Tanners Pub, Winter Haven - D. Welch
  • Walt Disney's Dolphin Resort, Lake Buena Vista - John Cristina
  • Ritz Carlton, Orlando - V. MA
  • Kitty Hawk Cafe, Melbourne - J. Bailey
  • Ha Hoops, Orlando - S. Martinez
  • Hyatt Regency Grand, Cypress - LBV J. Pine
  • Sports Page Pub, Beverly, MA - K. Dunlop
  • Tabu, Orlando - C. Mendez
  • Fat Cats, MT. Dora - D. Vargas
  • Hilton Vacation Club, Orlando - E. Rothbard
  • Runway, Cocoa - K. Macholtz
  • Luigino's, Heathrow - J. Anderson
  • The "P" House, Orlando - E. Phillips
  • Bahama Bay Resort, Clermont - L. Bologna
  • Taquitos, Orlando - C. Myrick
  • East of Paris, Winter Park - J. Carlton
  • The Peabody, Orlando - J. Tabner
  • Airport Lanes, Sanford - S. George
  • Buffalo Wild Wings, Oviedo - L. McAfee
  • The Punch Bowl, Longwood - L. Rockower
  • The University Club, Orlando - K. Villegos
  • Chvey's, Kissimmee - D. White
  • Durangos, Titusville - C. Roth
  • FLA Sports Bar and Grill, Orlando - J. Hail
  • Club Paris, Orlando - R. Vail
  • The Mission Inn, Lake County - E. Vanachen
  • Clarion Ola, Orlando - R. Johnson
  • Coco Bongos, Orlando - H. Carrio
  • Ole Ole, Winter Park - K. Rucks
  • Bennigans, Orlando - J. Hunter
  • Houstans, Winter Park - A. Welch
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Bartending schools are a great place to learn a skill that can be profitable and enjoyable. Thank you for your interest in ABC Bartending Schools with locations nationwide and our Job Placement Assistance program. You have come to the right place to find out more about our bartending schools.

The owner of ABC Bartending Schools, Tony Sylvester, opened his first classroom in 1977, and the rest is now history. ABC is one of the largest bartender training establishments in the nation with locations from coast to coast and affiliations throughout the United States. Read More ?
ABC Bartending Schools offers lifetime nationwide job placement assistance as well as refresher classes throughout the U.S. Tony Sylvester has owned bartending schools and has been placing bartenders nationwide since 1977.