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More people in Valley taking
shot at bartending careers

Reported by: Corey Rangel

Lynn Callahan, of Scottsdale, finds herself at the bar every week in this tough economy. She’s not drinking though. She’s starting a new career. “It's scary out there right now. That was my other motivation… maybe it’s time to have something else,” said Callahan. She is now taking classes to become a bartender hoping to bring in some extra cash. After several years in real estate, she decided she better have a backup. “You just never know. Every day is a different thing. Every day on the news it’s there.” Instructors at Tempe's ABC Bartending and Casino College have seen a spike in students as the economy has tumbled. “For having a second career, a second vocation in your back pocket, you can't beat it,” said instructor John Thomas. From real estate agents to car salesmen, he’s heard some sobering stories of despair. “They’re looking for something else because they don't want their house to go into foreclosure, they don’t want their car to be repossessed. They got to generate some income. This is probably one of the fastest ways you can do that.” Thomas said in good or bad times there is always job security behind the bar. “No matter how bad the economy is, people always want to drink. Sometimes more!”

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